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Registration Questions

1.      How secure is the online registration process?
OSC uses Affinity Sports for the registration process. The online sign-up is secure and is used for all of Kentucky Youth Soccer.

2.      What is the registration deadline?
OSC will accept registrations through the first 2 sessions of the season but will not guarantee player placement on a team. However, we always do our best to accommodate players. Please contact the Registrar at

3.      May players living outside of Oldham County register to play OSC recreational soccer?
Yes. OSC accepts registrations from any eligible player living outside Oldham County.

4.      May a team of players living outside of Oldham County register together and play in the OSC recreational program?
OSC allows players living in other counties to register together as a team and play in the OSC recreational program. If there are enough players to form multiple teams in an age group from one county, random team formation must be used to form the teams.

5.      What are the required submissions to complete registration?
Payment (if paying by check)

Copy of state issued birth certificate (see below)

Players will not be assigned to a team until registration fees and birth certificates are received by OSC. Send checks and birth certificates to OSC, P.O. Box 464, Buckner, KY 40010. Birth certificates can be emailed to

6.      Do I need to provide a birth certificate for my child?
All recreational players that have not registered with OSC within the last 2 years must provide a copy of their birth certificate. Hospital, baptismal or religious certificates are not accepted.

7.      What are recreational program birth date requirements?

What are recreational soccer registration fees?


Age Group

Player Fee

MIGHTY MITES  (Under 5 and 6’s)




U12, U14, High School Age Players (local Oldham teams, area league)


What is the uniform policy and cost?
All soccer players are required to wear a full Oldham Soccer Club uniform for all  sessions/games. All new players must purchase a uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks) for $30.00 when registering.

Returning players from the Fall season are not required to purchase a new uniform, but may do so if needed.

10.  What is the Soccer Angel Fund?
OSC provides registration fee payment assistance to children of financially challenged families through the Soccer Angel Fund. OSC will never deny any child the opportunity to play soccer based on financial reasons.

11.  How do I request Soccer Angel Fund Payment Assistance?
To request Soccer Angel Fund registration fee payment assistance, send a written request to Include the child's name, age and reason for requesting assistance. 

12.  As a parent or guardian of a player, am I expected to volunteer during the season?
OSC is a non-profit organization. Parent participation is crucial and expected throughout the season.  We ask for parents to volunteer as a Coach, Assistant Coach, and also for the concession stand. The annual Derby Cup tournament is the spring event where our need is the greatest. There are over 200 volunteer positions to fill during that weekend. The Derby Cup is held the last weekend of April each year.

Coaching Questions

14.  What coaching experience do I need to be a team coach?
No coaching experience is required. In fact, most youth soccer coaches have had no coaching experience. We are looking for Moms and Dads that enjoy playing and having a good time with kids. We prefer good adult mentors and role models for the kids. OSC will provide coach training, coaching curriculum, other coaching resources, and mentoring.

We want all of our players to have great fun, enjoy some good exercise, and hopefully fall in love with the sport of soccer. Our goal is to give the kids a great, positive experience so they want to return for future seasons. Learning good sportsmanship, respect, team play, and basic soccer skills are our coaching priorities. Winning is not.

15.  How much time does it take to be a coach?
U8 coaches will direct a weekly 60 minute practice and coach during league games. U10 coaches will direct two weekly 60 minute practices and coach during league games. U12 & U14 coaches will direct two weekly 60-90 minute practices and coach games. All coaches will spend some time at the pre-season coach meeting, coach training and will do some weekly studying and planning at home.

16.  What happens if none of the team parents volunteer to coach the team?
Teams must have at least one parent volunteer to be coach or risk being disbanded. Please don't wait for the call! Select the coach volunteer option during registration and complete the Administrator registration. You'll be contacted regarding the pre-season coaches meeting. Coaching children is a rewarding experience.

17.  As coach or assistant coach, will I need to pass a background check?
Yes. As part of OSC, all coaches and assistant coaches must complete and pass a background check. The background check is separate from the Administrator registration. 

Team Formation Questions

18.  How are recreational teams formed?
It is the goal of OSC to balance the ability of all recreational teams in each age group. All teams are formed by a random draw process and remain together for the seasonal year (fall and following spring seasons). Players on a fall team will automatically be reassigned to the same team for the spring season, unless parents request a change. If a team change is requested, the player will be reassigned by the random draw process.

19.  Are there gender specific teams?
Little Kicks are mixed gender teams. All other age groups will have separate boys and girls teams if there are enough players. If not enough players, teams will be formed mixed gender. It is important to note that OSC uses the term “Mixed” for boys teams, as well as, gender mixed teams.

20.  May I request my child be assigned to a specific team, with another player, or with a specific coach?
OSC will assign the children of the head coach and one assistant coach to the same team their parents coach and also siblings in the same age group will be assigned to the same team.

U10 and Older Teams: OSC accepts no special team assignment requests, no requests to play with another player, or requests to play with a specific coach for U10 and older teams in accordance with KYSA team formation rules.

U8 Teams: OSC accepts no requests to play with a specific coach at U8, but will consider all other special assignment requests made prior to team formation, in the order received. However, special assignment requests may be denied if the assignment does not allow OSC to balance the ability of all teams or the number of players on rosters.

MIGHTY MITES: Special assignment requests for Little Kicks teams will be granted prior to team formation.

21.  May my child play up an age group?
All play up requests must be submitted to OSC for consideration and approval. Playing up requests with explanation need to be included in the “Special Considerations” section of the online registration process and must also be sent by email to, prior to team formation. Requests to play down an age group will not be considered and not allowed. Please note that during the team formation process, players with birthdays within a specific age group have team assignment priority over play up request assignments.

22.  When will we receive our team assignment?
OSC does it’s best to email team assignments to parents 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. However, distribution may be delayed if there is a significant number of late player registrations or if there is no parent(s) willing to volunteer to coach the team.

Uniform and Equipment Questions

23.  What are the uniform and equipment requirements?
All players are required to wear an OSC uniform for all league games. The uniform kits include two (2) jerseys and one (1) pair of shorts and socks. Uniform kits are purchased during the registration process. Players are required to bring the following equipment to all practices and games:

·         Soccer Ball

·         Shin Guards

·         Soft-cleat soccer shoes (not required, but highly recommended. No baseball or football cleats.)

·         Water bottle

24.  When will I receive my uniform?
Uniforms are distributed prior to the start of the season, unless the player was registered late. OSC will send out an email announcing when uniforms will be distributed.

25.  What size soccer ball does my child need?

·         Little Kicks & U8- Size 3

·         U10 & U12- Size 4

·         U14 & Older- Size 5

General Questions

26.  When do we receive league schedules?
We make every effort to distribute U10 and younger schedules 2 weeks prior to the start of the season by OSC. Schedules for the older age teams are developed by JCYSL and are normally distributed no later than 1 week prior to the start of the season.

27.  When are games normally played?
The majority of recreational games are scheduled on Saturdays during the season, but are also scheduled on Sunday afternoons and in some cases, weeknights. Sunday games do not start before 1pm.

28.  Where are games normally played?
U10 and younger teams play their games at the OSC Soccer Park in Buckner. The complex is located next to the OC Middle School. U12 and older teams play their “home” games at the OSC Soccer Park and their “away” games at other team soccer sites in the Louisville and surrounding area. 

29.  When will my child’s team practice?
U8 teams practice once a week and U10 and older teams practice twice a week depending on the coach. Each coach determines the days/times of their team practice.

30.  What is JCYSL?
JCYSL is the Jefferson County Youth Soccer League. All U12 and older teams play their games in the JCYSL which is comprised of teams from counties around the Louisville area. JCYSL schedules all games for U12 and older teams.

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