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OSC Update

US Soccer is made two main alterations that took place in the Fall of 2016:

  1. Changing the team formation to birth years instead of the August 1st cutoff
  2. Changing the field dimensions for the younger age groups, as well as the player on the field to 4v4 (U6-U8), 7v7 (U9 & U10) and 9v9 (U11 & U12)

Although both items affect the club from an organization standpoint, it is really only the change to birth years that will affect the players. 

  • The change to birth years will come into effect at tryouts. 
  • These changes happened to every club in the country.
  • Please see the attached birth year chart to see which age group your son/daughter would fall into.
  • The new changes allows clubs to have players 'play up' an age group if deemed appropriate. Players just cannot play down an age group.
  • Our Coaching Staff identifies players who we feel should be 'playing up' in order to aid their development.
  • Although we cannot predict incoming players at tryouts, we aim to have a clear idea of what teams will look like for the current year's season before tryouts have even begun 
  • The new rule will create more 'trapped players' - players that are still in 8th grade but are U15 for club soccer. This would mean that his/her club teammates would be playing High School soccer in the Fall
  • Those trapped players will be allowed to train with the U14 team in the Fall, with a view of also playing games for them. We are also exploring alternative options for those players in need of games, with other clubs in the area. Once the High School season has finished then those trapped players would return to their true age group for the Winter & Spring seasons
  • We encourage all parents who have questions regarding how the changes might affect their son or daughter to email and ask. 

What Age Group am I?

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