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Humility - We are only as good as the effort we put in.


Effort - Always to give maximum effort in everything we do. 

               Recognition that it is our effort that defines us and

               takes us places.

Accountability - OSC players do not blame others, they take

                              responsibility for their actions, mistakes and

                              their own development.

Respect - For teammates, opponents, parents, coaches and


Team - Putting Team before Self. Working together towards

               common goals. Helping each other through

               problems and celebrating successes together.

HELLO from Oldham Soccer Club

Soccer is a fast pace, high energy sport. Oldham Soccer Club provides:

  • More than 35 years of youth soccer programs experience

  • Programs for youth ages 4-19

  • 12 beautiful fields in a park like setting, in Buckner, KY

  • Management by two soccer professionals

  • Two levels of soccer programs - local community based leagues (recreational) and select teams for players desiring professional training and advancement.



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At Eberle Orthodontics, our mission is to WOW our patients with top-quality care that comes from the heart, in a fun and family-friendly atmosphere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a professional, safe, positive, and enjoyable soccer experience developing players and people. We welcome players of all abilities in our recreation and select programs as we strive to develop these players with a love and an appreciation of the game. 

We seek to provide an equal opportunity for all soccer players to participate in a competitive environment that develops a player's skills and knowledge by incorporating the best training, structure, and development combined with positive coaching.

We strive to develop life skills as teammates, work ethic, creativity, independent thought, and responsibility to others through experiences derived from playing competitive soccer.

Our Goals

  • To offer each player a program that is developmentally appropriate to his/her ability

  • To create a climate within Oldham County soccer that inspires pride, loyalty, teamwork and passion for the game among our players, coaches and families

  • To develop players technical efficiency, tactical knowledge, physical attributes and mental toughness on the soccer field

  • To ensure that our players not only enjoy the thrill and excitement of competition, but also the challenge of improvement

  • To continually educate and develop the Oldham County Youth Soccer coaching staff and parent volunteers so we can attract, develop and retain top quality coaches

  • To create a learning environment that fosters growth of character, teamwork, discipline and respect

  • To provide and educate our parents on soccer specific topics that will strengthen the knowledge base in Oldham County, while building the trust in our long term vision

  • To prepare our High School aged players for collegiate soccer if they wish to pursue that avenue

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