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Oldham Soccer Club – Select Soccer – FAQs



Q - What is select soccer?
A - Select soccer is intended for players who desire a higher-level soccer experience and strive to excel in the sport. Players go through a tryout process, train 2-3 times per week, play games on weekends (some weeknight games may be scheduled),  participate in tournaments, and travel to venues to play games with higher level competition. 

Q - How long is the select season? 
A - For pre-high school age players, the select soccer season runs year-round. The fall season starts the first week of August and runs through October. The indoor winter training season starts in early December and runs through mid-February. The spring season starts the first week of March and runs through May. For high school age players, training starts in mid November with  an early winter tournament and includes the  winter indoor training and spring seasons as described above. 

Q - What leagues do OSC teams participate in? 
A - OSC teams participate in 3 leagues. KY Amateur Soccer League (KASL), KY Select Soccer League (KSSL) or KY Premier League (KPL). U9 and U10 teams participate in the KASL (KY Amateur Soccer League). Typically, U11 and U12 teams participate in KASL but may play in KSSL or KPL. U13 and older teams will participate in either KSSL or KPL.  


Q - What is the cost to participate? 
A - Please refer to the Fees and Age Groups section of this page. An installment option is available when registering. Financial assistance is also available. Email us at for financial assistance information.

Q - Is the uniform kit included in the player fees?
A - The uniform kit is an additional expense. The next uniform cycle starts summer 2022. 

Q - When do the teams train? 
A - Teams train 2-3 times per week on weeknights. The coach of the team determines the days/times that the team trains. 

Q – Where do teams train?
A – All training sessions during the fall and spring seasons are held at the Oldham Soccer Park or OSC Training Facility in Buckner. Teams may train indoors at the YMCA Indoor Arena when the outdoor fields are unplayable. Training during the winter season takes place at the YMCA Indoor Arena. 


Q – When are games played? 
A – Games are usually played on weekends but there may be an occasional weeknight game. U9 and U10 teams play most of their games on Saturday mornings. U11+ have games scheduled by the Team Manager. Saturday games may be scheduled as early as 9 am and as late as 5 pm. Sunday games may be scheduled as early as 1 pm and as late as 5 pm.  


Q - What equipment will players need? 
A – Players will need soccer cleats, shin guards and an appropriately sized inflated soccer ball. U9 thru U12 players use a size 4 ball. U13 and older players use a size 5 ball. 

Q – Can I help coach or volunteer? 
A – Yes! Our community club relies on volunteers as well as parent coaches to operate. 


Player Age Group Reference Fall 2021/Spring 2022
U8 – 2014
U9 – 2013
U10 – 2012
U11 – 2011 
U12 – 2010 
U13 – 2009
U14 – 2008
U15 & Trapped – 2007
U16 – 2006
U17 – 2005 
U18 & U19 – 2004/2003

Q - What is a trapped player?
A - A trapped player is a U15 player that is still an 8th grader and that is not able to play high school soccer. There are some players that have birth dates, typically between September and December, that will be U15 but still be in middle school. High school aged club teams do not play club soccer in the fall as that is the season for high school teams and thus the player is trapped. Trapped players are able to play down a year on a U14 team for the fall season only. 

Q - What does the affiliation with Louisville City FC mean? 
A - Our affiliation with Louisville City Academy means that our players have a clear pathway to playing at the elite level. It also means that our coaches will receive education and shared resources from Louisville City. Full time staff are in constant communication with Louisville City regarding players, education and resources.



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